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Green Bay Aerial Lift Training and Certification

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Home of the NFL Green Bay Packers, the city is often called “Titletown USA” by its fan-based ownership because of the team’s impressive winning record over its 100 year history. Despite the often harsh winters, there’s plenty else to love about the city, including the National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Botanical Garden, City Stadium and the Bay Beach Amusement Park. There’s also Heritage Hill State Park, hiking and skiing in the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and the Green Bay Packers Sports Gallery in the Hall of Fame and Museum.


The greater Green Bay region has a population of more than 300,000 permanent residents, and is still growing. It also has a thriving industrial base that includes machinery and furniture manufacturing, food processing, retail operations, transportation and trucking, health care, agriculture and tourism, all of which provide plenty of job opportunities for aerial lift equipment operators. These and other companies with large warehouses need operators with OSHA-approved aerial lift training and certification Green Bay to keep their operations running smoothly, but they don’t hire just anyone to operate these potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. Most employers today will only bring workers on board who have completed aerial lift training and certification in Green Bay for these great, high-paying jobs.


Green Bay’s historically strong manufacturing base continues to exist today. An upturn in Green Bay’s economy means that aerial lift operators are and will continue to be required throughout the region, as well as all of eastern Wisconsin. Opportunities for aerial lift operators start with operator training and certification in Green Bay such as is offered by AerialLiftCertification. com (ALC), the leader in  OSHA-approved online operator training and certification. ALC offers three different training programs for anyone wanting aerial lift certification safety credentials, which are discussed below.

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How to Receive Your Green Bay Aerial Lift Certification


If you’re currently not certified, or if you’re an employer with uncertified operators, ALC makes it fast and easy to receive aerial lift certification in Green Bay. ALC offers the most convenient and affordable training program available anywhere. The training is online and can be completed in about an hour. Here are the three programs we offer for Green Bay aerial lift training and certification:


• Aerial Lift Training Kit. Everything needed to train you or your entire workforce in as little as an hour is included for just $299.

• Train the Trainer Program. For $149, you or one or more of your employees can become a certified in-house trainer who will be able to train, evaluate and certify other company workers to safely operate the equipment.

• Bundle and Save. This package includes both ALC programs for only $349, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the two courses separately.

Types of Jobs Available for Green Bay Certified Aerial Lift Operators


Here are some examples of the types of work you’ll be qualified to apply for after you’ve received your OSHA-approved Green Bay aerial lift certification:

• Aerial Lift Operator or Aerial Lift Mechanic at Green Bay’s Austin Straubel International Airport

• Operate Aerial Lifts at the Bay Beach Amusement Park and Other Entertainment Venues

• Commercial or Residential Construction Project Aerial Lift Operator

• Warehouse Lift Operator

• Overhead Lighting Installer

• Sign Installer

• Window Washer

• Tree Trimmer

• System Installer

• And a Lot More


Why Green Bay Aerial Lift Operator Certification is Necessary


You’ve probably heard that if you want to qualify for most construction and maintenance jobs in Green Bay you’ll need an aerial lift operator certification, which is true. The primary reason is safety. Numerous workplace injuries and even deaths occur every year, many of which involve the improper use of heavy equipment. If you’re an employer, aerial lift certification in Green bay is one of the best ways for you to protect your workers’ lives and well-being. It’s also the law. Knowingly allowing a worker without proper training to operate a fork lift can subject the employer to substantial fines and penalties.

Green Bay employers open their doors to operators who are already certified, paying them higher salaries than those who are untrained and lack aerial lift operator certifications. Once you receive your aerial lift certification in Green Bay, you’ll be qualified to operate aerial lifts throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as most areas across the country. This added benefit means you’ll have the flexibility to live and work just about anywhere you chose, which will enhance your prospects for higher pay and career advancement.

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Signing Up for Green Bay Aerial Lift Training


When you choose for your training, signing up is easy. All that’s needed is to go online and take a few minutes to create an account and you or your employees will be ready to start working through the training modules, which should take about an hour to finish. After completing the program, you’ll be able to instantly download and print a copy of your Green Bay aerial lift operator certification. It’s that simple!

There’s no need to worry about sacrificing quality education for convenience and affordability. Our programs are 100% OSHA compliant and provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date training available anywhere. ALC training provides everything you’ll need for you or your employees to receive  aerial lift training and certification In Green Bay. Here’s some of what’s included:

• Affordable Prices

• Interactive Training Modules

• Courses Available in Both English and Spanish Versions

• Hands-On Operator Evaluation Forms

• Trainer and Operator PowerPoint Presentations

• Free Lifetime Refresher Training

• Free Periodic Re-certification as Required by OSHA

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Enroll Now


For individuals, completing your Green Bay aerial lift certification through ALC will qualify you for lots of great job opportunities. For employers, having your workers trained and certified to operate aerial lifts will make you OSHA compliant, and you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace. Choose our Training Kit, Train The Trainer Program or save money by selecting our Bundle Package that includes both.


ALC’s training includes everything you need for you and your workers to receive Green Bay aerial lift operator certification. Don’t put it off – call ALC’s training experts at 888-278-8896 to enroll your employees and get started today. You’ll be glad you did!






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