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Situated on a subbasin of Lake Michigan, this Wisconsin city is the home of the NFL Green Bay Packers. It’s often called “Titletown USA” by the fan-based ownership because of the team’s impressive winning record over its 100-year history. Despite the harsh winters, there’s plenty to do other than ice fishing. Some of Green Bay’s numerous unique attractions include the National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Botanical Garden, City Stadium and the Bay Beach Amusement Park. There’s also the 56-acre Heritage Hill State Park on the banks of the Fox River for relaxing, hiking and skiing in the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and the Green Bay Packers Sports Gallery in the city‘s Hall of Fame and Museum.

With a population of more than 300,000 permanent residents, the greater Green Bay metropolitan area is still growing. The city has a diverse and thriving industrial base that includes machine tooling, furniture making, food processing, retail operations, transportation and trucking, health care, agriculture, and tourism. Green Bay’s historically strong manufacturing base continues to exist today, which is good news for job seekers. Operations with large warehouses always need operators with OSHA-approved Green Bay aerial lift operator training and certification to keep their businesses running smoothly, which translates to plenty of job opportunities for trained and qualified aerial lift equipment operators.

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It’s also good news for employers since they can choose from those most highly qualified operators as evidenced by their Green Bay aerial lift operator certifications. Business owners in the Green Bay area, however, need to be aware that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes it the employer’s responsibility to see that their operators are properly trained and certified before they can legally operate the equipment. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties, hefty fines and costly litigation, which is where AerialLiftCertification. com (ALC), the leader in OSHA-approved online operator training and certification can help.


Why Green Bay Aerial Lift Certification is Important

Under OSHA regulations, it’s the employer’s responsibility to provide employees with a safe working environment, which includes removing or curing all workplace hazards that could endanger your workers’ health and safety. For example, allowing an untrained worker to operate an aerial lift is clear a violation. Here are some of OSHA’s other requirements for operating aerial lift equipment in the workplace:

Aerial lifts and AWPs are to be operated only by drivers who have completed an OSHA-approved training and certification program

Aerial lift operators must be recertified every three years, whenever an aerial lift is involved in a workplace accident or whenever a new type of lift is brought into the workplace

Training needs to cover everything an operator should know about operating aerial lifts, including driving techniques, inspecting the equipment, performing routine maintenance and recognizing and avoiding workplace hazards

Students must be able to demonstrate that they have the needed skills and knowledge to safely operate aerial lifts before they receive their certificates and are allowed to use the equipment on the job

These topics and more are included in ALC’s online Aerial Lift Safety Training Course. For more details on operating aerial lifts in the workplace, see OSHA’s aerial lift fact sheet.

Why Green Bay Aerial Lift Operator Certification is Needed

The primary reason is safety. Numerous workplace injuries and even deaths occur every year, many of which involve the improper use of aerial lifts and other heavy equipment. As an employer, aerial lift certification in Green Bay is one of the most effective ways for you to protect your workers’ lives and well-being, and since it’s an OSHA regulation, it’s also the law. Knowingly allowing a worker without proper training to operate an aerial lift can put you and your business at risk of incurring substantial fines and penalties.

If your business hires aerial lift or another aerial work platform (AWP) operators, OSHA requires that you, as a Green Bay area employer ensure that they receive aerial lift certification training. Green Bay aerial lift certification is more than just the law – it also makes good sense from a business standpoint. After completing ALC‘s Green Bay lift operator training, your employees will have more confidence on the job, you’ll have a workplace that’s safer and your business will be more productive. Thanks to ALC’s Green Bay aerial lift certification’s affordable prices, there’s no need to break the bank to become OSHA compliant.

How Your Employees Can Get Their Green Bay Aerial Lift Certification

ALC offers the finest aerial lift operator training program available in Green Bay. If you’re an employer with uncertified operators on your payroll, ALC makes it fast, easy and affordable to receive aerial lift certification training and certification in Green Bay. Our training is online and although there are no time restrictions, it can be completed in about an hour. Here are the three packages we offer for Green Bay aerial lift training and certification:

Aerial Lift Training Kit. This is one of our most popular Green Bay aerial lift certification training programs. It covers all types of aerial lift equipment. For a one-time payment of just $299, train and certify all your operators in as little as an hour.

Train a Trainer Program. This class will certify one or more of your experienced drivers to train your other operators for just $149, which means you’ll have an in-house trainer available at all times. Green Bay aerial lift training and certification doesn’t get any better than this!

Bundle and Save Package. Can’t decide between the two? Get them both for only $349, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the two courses separately. This outstanding combination is the best value you’ll find anywhere for Green Bay aerial lift operator certification training.

Reasons to Enroll Your Drivers in ALC’s AerialLift Operator Training

Mandatory Green Bay aerial lift training was instituted to save lives and reduce workplace accidents, and since it’s an OSHA regulation, it’s also the law. As an employer, your failure to comply could result in hefty fines, penalties and even litigation.

When ALC trains and certifies your Green Bay aerial lift operators, you’ve chosen the very best. Here are a few reasons why ALC’s training programs just can’t be beaten:

ALC aerial lift operator training is fast, easy and affordable. Although there are no time limits, the training can be completed anywhere there’s an internet connection, in about an hour. Most students pass the first time, but the training can be repeated as many times as needed without a penalty. All training and test materials are accessible online 24/7 using a digital device anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

ALC training is 100% OSHA compliant. When your workers complete our Green Bay aerial lift certification training, your workplace will be safer and more productive and you’ll avoid expensive fines and penalties.

ALC training is affordable. Our aerial lift and scissor lift training program costs only $299, which will train and certify all your employees and future hires. Why spend more than necessary to train your operators and make your business OSHA compliant?

ALC online training is convenient. The courses can be taken at any time and anywhere –  during a lunch break, at a coffee shop or at home. With ALC’s Green Bay aerial lift certification, your employees won’t need to take time away from work to travel to and from an expensive offsite training facility.

All documentation is available immediately. After completing ALC’s training, lift operator cards certificates are immediately available for downloading and printing. There’s no need to wait for the paperwork to arrive by mail.

If you have uncertified operators on your payroll, have them trained and certified as soon as possible. In as little as an hour, you can make your workplace safer and protect yourself and your workers against OSHA penalties and fines. Enroll your operators in ALC’s Green Bay aerial lift certification today!

Enroll Your Uncertified Operators in ALC Online Training Now

For employers, having your workers trained and certified to operate aerial lifts through ALC will bring you into compliance with OSHA regulations. You’ll have a safer and more productive workplace. Choose from among our Training KitTrain The Trainer Program or save money by selecting our Bundle Package that includes both courses.

ALC’s training includes everything you need for your workers to receive Green Bay aerial lift operator certification. Don’t put off having your aerial lift operators receive their certifications any longer. Sign up with now! To enroll your employees and get started today, create an account online or call (888) 278-8896 now to speak with one of ALC’s training experts at You’ll be glad you did!


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