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Green Bay Aerial Lift Certification

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Green Bay Packers, National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Botanical Garden, City Stadium, and the Bay Beach Amusement Park; there are plenty of reasons to love Green Bay, Wisconsin. And with thriving industries in food manufacturing, healthcare, and retail, there are plenty of job opportunities for equipment operators. In fact, top companies with large warehouses and many of the attractions listed above need equipment professionals like aerial lift operators to keep these locations safe and efficient. But employers aren’t going to hire just anyone to service these top companies with potentially dangerous equipment. More and more employers are only hiring workers with aerial lift training in Green Bay to receive a great job and higher pay.

Green Bay’s strong historical manufacturing legacy continues to the present day. A recent upturn in Green Bay’s economy means that aerial lift operators are required throughout the region – and all across eastern Wisconsin. It all starts with aerial lift certification in Green Bay. Aerial Lift Certification (ALC), the leader in online OSHA training, offers three different training courses for anyone looking to achieve Green Bay aerial lift certification safety credentials.

What If I Don’t Have Green Bay Aerial Lift Certification?

If you are currently uncertified in aerial lifts, no need to worry. There are plenty of opportunities to get your aerial lift certification in Green Bay. offers the most convenient and affordable training program in the state. The course is online and only takes about one hour to complete. If you are currently certified and wish to train others, offers a Trainer program which is also online. If you take the time and small investment of $299 to complete your Green Bay aerial lift training, here are some examples of the jobs you can qualify for:

• Aerial Lift Operator/Aerial Lift Mechanic at Austin Straubel International Airport
• Aerial Lift Operator at the Bay Beach Amusement Park
• Project Manager/Aerial Lift Operator on a number of construction projects
• Various manufacturing assembly jobs
• Heavy machinery repair work
• Venue / special event preparation
• Equipment rigging
• And much more

Why Do I Need Aerial Lift Certification in Green Bay?

You’ve read that if you want to qualify for a number of construction and maintenance jobs in Green Bay that you will need an aerial lift certification, but why do you actually need it? Thousands of deaths occur every year on worksites, and the main cause of fatal injuries is an improper use of heavy equipment. Aerial lift certification is one of the best ways workers can protect their health and lives. Certified workers are also more efficient at work and reduce costs for employers. This means that employers open the doors to those with certification and offer higher salaries than untrained employees.

Plus, once you achieve your aerial lift certification in Green Bay, you’re qualified to operate aerial lifts all over Wisconsin, and across the United States! This gives you extreme job flexibility, not to mention enhanced career prospects for a variety of jobs and roles!

How Do I Sign Up For Green Bay Aerial Lift Training?

Signing up is easy with All you’ll need to do is take a few minutes to create an account on the website, and you’ll be all set to work through the modules. Once you’re ready to start the program, you’ll only need to dedicate about one hour. After you’ve successfully completed the program, you will be able to instantly print a copy of your certificate to show to employers. It’s that easy and simple! But don’t worry; you won’t be sacrificing high-quality education for the sake of convenience. Our program is 100% OSHA compliant and follows their standards extremely close to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date training possible.

Complete your Green Bay aerial lift certification and qualify for many great job opportunities today! Get started with our training kit now! We also offer two more Green Bay aerial lift certification programs: our popular Train a Trainer course and the value-added Bundle Package.

If you’re looking to get aerial lift certification in Green Bay, ALC has everything you’re looking for:

• Affordable prices
• Interactive learning material
• English and Spanish coursework
• Hands-on evaluation forms for all aerial lift certification in WI
• Two PowerPoint presentations for Green bay aerial lift certification (Trainer & Operator)

To become OSHA compliant and complete your Green Bay aerial lift certification, call the OSHA training experts today at 888.278.8896. Thanks for considering ALC for all of your aerial lift certification requirements in Green Bay!

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