aerial lift certificationEvery employer in the Steel City with aerial lift workers requires training for all employees. Without training, OSHA can impose expensive fines and penalties. What should you do if you’re not sure how to get aerial lift certified in Pittsburgh? is the only training partner you need. We have training for mobile elevating platforms (MEWPs), aerial work platforms (AWPs), scissor lifts, and more. Our training material, on a user-friendly flash drive, has all the information needed for full compliance. Remember, employers are legally required to provide training and aerial lift certification in Pittsburgh. This can be expensive, but it’s affordable with ALC! ALC delivers when you need Pittsburgh aerial lift certification online, and in person. Need to get your workers certified? Choose the affordable ($299) Training Kit, with plenty of safety information, skills training, and more. If you want to have your own on-site trainer, nothing beats our Train the Trainer, priced at $149. For great value, get both courses for $399 with the ALC Bundle Package. Take care of your Pittsburgh aerial lift certification today and register your company!

How to Get Aerial Lift Certified in Pittsburgh

It’s easier than you think to get aerial lift certification in Pittsburgh:
  1. Register with ALC: Choose your company and individual employee login info.
  2. Select your training: You’ll find everything you need for Pittsburgh aerial lift certification on our course selection page.
  3. Complete training: Insert the ALC flash drive for helpful driving tips, OSHA safety standards, and more!
  4. Take quizzes & tests: They’re great for helping your workers retain safety knowledge. And it helps prepare them for the next step.
  5. On-site evaluation: Your training includes checklists and other helpful tools to make sure your workers can safely operate AWPs & MEWPs.
  6. Print licenses: You don’t have to wait for the mail for your aerial lift certification in Pittsburgh. Print the aerial lift licenses, and your employees are ready to work.
ALC is your all-in-one resource to answer the question: how do I get aerial lift certified in Pittsburgh? Register today!

Why is ALC the Best Option for Aerial Lift Certification in Pittsburgh?

Check out the great benefits that come with our Pittsburgh aerial lift certification.
  • Prices for any budget: You shouldn’t have to break the bank to become OSHA compliant. That’s why our Pittsburgh aerial lift certification is very affordable.
  • 60-minute certification. In about one hour, your employees can be fully trained.
  • Support when you need it. Have questions about an OSHA inspection or aerial lift certification in Pittsburgh? We’re here to answer your questions.
  • Your training – your schedule. Have your workers complete their Pittsburgh aerial lift certification online whenever they can.

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Pittsburgh Aerial Lift Certification FAQs

These are some common questions we receive on certification:

How important is aerial maintenance?

We strongly suggest you do aerial lift inspections on a regular schedule. This helps prevent accidents and promotes safety.

What if my company isn’t compliant?

The cost of non-compliance can get expensive. In some cases, fines can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

What should I expect after purchasing your aerial lift certification in Pittsburgh?

Full customer support. Timely info on safety updates. Plenty of aerial lift safety checklists and much more! The best time to get your Pittsburgh aerial lift certification was yesterday. Sign up and get started now!

Enroll Your Workers in ALC’s Aerial Lift Training in Pittsburgh, PA

ALC is a top choice for Pittsburgh aerial lift certification training. This is due to the fact that we simplify aerial lift certification training for Pittsburgh businesses and their employees. For Steel City businesses, we ensure you can quickly and easily enroll your workers in aerial lift certification training that meets OSHA requirements. And, for workers, we provide exceptional training, so they can earn OSHA certification in as little as one hour. If you have any concerns or questions regarding aerial lift certification training in Pittsburgh, we are happy to respond to them. For more information about our aerial lift certification options, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.