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A Comprehensive Look at Manlift Certification and What It’s All About

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If you operate manlifts, or hire workers who are involved with this equipment, OSHA-compliant manlift certification increases on-the-job safety. Perhaps even more critically, manlift certification decreases the chance you’ll be involved in a workplace injury or fatality.

You must know about all the various manlift certification requirements before training your employees. But where can you turn to? How can you keep up with all the OSHA updates and training requirements? (ALC) offers manlift operator training for all of your OSHA compliance requirements. With fines and penalties from OSHA a major concern for employers, our affordable, easy-to-access training is ideal for achieving and maintaining compliance.

There is a lot to like about our manlift certification program. Now, let’s look at important topics surrounding manlifts and how our program can help your business improve manlift safety.

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What is a Manlift?

You’d be surprised at how many companies ask us, “what is a manlift?” The term covers the entire spectrum of aerial lifts and other mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

According to OSHA, a manlift is a device that consists of platforms or brackets with attached handholds. It moves vertically in one direction and is operated and supported by a system of pulleys at the top and bottom. Manlifts are not used on the ground like other types of aerial lifts, and instead, are used to transport workers from floor to floor in a building. However, like any other type of aerial lift, a manlift offers its own unique dangers, and a manlift operator certification is the most effective way for workers to avoid hazards.

Broadly speaking, a manlift is any equipment used to elevate workers. Aerial lifts, boom lifts, MEWPs, and aerial work platforms (AWPs) are all considered manlifts. Other specialized equipment like Genie lifts (one-person, portable lifts) and JLG lifts are also considered manlifts.

Since there are so many different types of manlifts, any worker using this equipment needs to have thorough training which meets all OSHA manlift requirements. One day, you could be using a Genie Lift, aerial lift (boom lift), and scissor lift – all within an eight-hour window!

Manlift safety training from will help anyone learn the crucial safety skills and knowledge required to become a better worker – and more importantly, a safer manlift operator.

Our manlift training courses packages – we have our Train a TrainerTraining kit, and the popular Bundle package available for anyone that needs manlift training – cover all the latest OSHA manlift training requirements, so you’ll know exactly what to do, regardless of the type of manlift you’re using at any given time!

Which Jobs Require Manlift Certification?

If you employ any of the following workers, sign up today with ALC’s manlift training!

  • Cherry picker operator
  • ○ MEWP maintenance technician
  • ○ AWP landscape operator
  • ○ Scissor lift associate
  • ○ Construction AWPs
  • ○ Manlift warehouse employee
  • ○ And many others

Our manlift safety training program accommodates workers of all experience and skill levels. It empowers workers to learn a wide range of skills they can apply to manlift operation. For some workers, our training may help them become vital contributors within their respective companies and accelerate their career growth.

Which Type of Manlift Is Right for You?

You need to weigh the pros and cons of different manlift options before you select one for your business. Determine how you will use a manlift; then, you can focus on models that can help your company achieve its desired results.

Training is a key consideration as you browse manlifts, too. Any worker who uses a manlift must receive adequate training. This ensures the worker can safely operate the lift. It also verifies the worker and your business are in compliance with OSHA standards.

Manlift Safety Hazards: What You Need to Know

There are many manlift safety hazards – and your employees must plan for them. Common manlift safety hazards include:

  • Falls:

  • Falls can occur if a manlift is placed on an uneven surface, used in heavy winds or other inclement conditions, or many other reasons.
  •  Electrocutions:

  • Workers who place a manlift too close to live wires are susceptible to electrocution.
  •  Tip-Overs:

  • If a manlift is not set up correctly or becomes too unstable, it can tip over.
  •  Ejections:

  • Manlift operators must keep their lift stable and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); otherwise, they risk getting ejected from a lift. Manlift workers must be able to identify safety hazards before they get out of hand. As an employer, you are responsible for teaching your workers about these dangers and ensuring they receive manlift safety training.


Without manlift certification, your employees are more likely to have an accident on the job. That’s why OSHA forbids any aerial lift or scissor lift worker to operate equipment without the proper training. From overhead obstacles to uneven terrain, there’s never a shortage of manlift hazards. With our manlift certification, your employees will know what to expect, regardless of your industry – construction, maintenance, industrial applications and more!

Do Your Workers Need to Earn Manlift Certification?

Certification is necessary for any business that requires its workers to use manlifts for everyday work. In fact, failure to provide manlift operators with proper training can cause serious problems for the business and its employees.

A manlift is considered a specialized AWP. And, it must be treated as such. In order to properly use a manlift, an operator needs to learn how to control the machine without putting himself or herself and others in danger. If an operator ignores manlift safety protocols, he or she can cause manlift accidents.

Manlift operators can lower the risk of accidents if they know how to use a lift correctly. These operators can ensure a manlift is functioning as expected before they use it to perform tasks at heights. Plus, they can do what’s necessary to eliminate manlift safety hazards.

A manlift certification course enables workers to learn about OSHA safety requirements. The course allows workers to stay up to date on OSHA manlift safety protocols and gain practical insights they can apply to their daily work. This ensures manlift operators can do what’s necessary to guard against manlift accidents. These operators even use what they learn to work with their respective employers to continuously explore ways to enhance on-the-job safety.

OSHA Manlift Certification Requirements: What You Need to Know

Manlifts are covered under OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1431, which includes all equipment for hoisting workers to any elevation. Scissor lifts fall under these manlift certification requirements, along with aerial lifts. These two lifts are the most widely used manlifts, but others exist. Knowing how to safety use manlifts is required by OSHA for any worker in the United States. Manlift certification and training requirements are closely tied to this OSHA standard, and ALC’s manlift safety training covers all key aspects related to this guideline.

As an employer, you’re responsible for complying with OSHA manlift certification requirements. Thus, you need to verify that all of your manlift operators are licensed. You must also confirm that your manlift operators keep their certification up to date.

If an employer cannot comply with OSHA manlift certification regulations, it can face expensive penalties. Yet, with a consistent approach to compliance, any company can verify that its manlift operators are always certified.

Why You Need to Comply with OSHA Manlift Certification Regulations

OSHA’s manlift certification requirements help ensure that your employees have the information necessary to perform safely on the job. So, if your workers know all about these requirements, they should have no trouble avoiding manlift accidents. You also won’t have to worry about OSHA penalties, since you can always ensure that all of your manlift operators have a valid license.

Most employers don’t know how to convey this critical manlift certification information with instruction and training. Plus, they might not be sure what type of manlifts our training covers. ALC’s training certification program accounts for all types of manlifts, including:

• Powered manlifts (also called self-propelled manlifts)

• Manual manlifts (moved by hand or with other machinery)

• Heavy-duty manlifts (also known as atrium manlifts or belt-powered manlifts)

• And all other models

Remember, one of the most important OSHA manlift training requirements: the equipment should be used to carry personnel, not job material or other equipment. That’s critical in understanding manlift safety training, and ALC will show you how this relates to OSHA compliance. This is true for manlifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts and all other AWPs. offers comprehensive aerial lift training that includes manlift certification to teach workers how to use manlifts safely. If you’re an employer, this information is especially important for you because it’s your duty to ensure all workers that will be using the manlift are comfortable to do so following the completion of manlift operator certification training. Don’t put off your manlift operator training – sign up with ALC today!

What to Expect When You Enroll Your Workers in Manlift Training from ALC

We provide manlift training and certification as part of our popular Training kit. This versatile, well-rounded manlift training course is the perfect way to train new employees, veteran aerial lift operators in need of refresher training, and everything in between!

Our manlift certification features:

  •  Online convenience
  • Knowledgeable, lifetime customer support
  • 100% OSHA compliance
  • Flexible, affordable training for your entire manlift fleet
  • Free renewal training
  • And much more

For just $299, you’ll have the entire Training kit, which helps train and certify your employees for a multi-skilled workplace. Increase safety and productivity with our Training kit, your best option for complete manlift certification.

Benefits of Manlift Certification with ALC

Our training offers the following advantages with manlift certification training:

✓ OSHA compliant training

✓ Coverage in case of accidents & investigations

✓ Safer, more productive workplace

✓ Peace of mind that comes with 100% compliant manlift certification

✓ Lifetime support with the best customer service you’ll find anywhere!

✓ Renewal training – every three years, OSHA requires updated/renewed manlift certification training. Renewal training in included with your manlift training purchase!

There is no need to leave anything to chance, particularly when it comes to manlift training. By partnering with ALC, you can reap the benefits of a proven manlift certification training program.

Your workers can use our program to become OSHA-compliant manlift operators. Plus, our program can help you lower your risk of manlift accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Cover Your Manlift Training Requirements with offers the most comprehensive and convenient online manlift training program you’ll find. We teach operators everything they need to know to use manlifts safely, operate the various controls, avoid hazards, and prevent accidents, while providing a printable manlift operator certification upon successful completion.


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Why Should You Get Manlift Training from ALC? offers the most comprehensive and convenient online manlift training program you’ll find. We teach operators everything they need to know to use manlifts safely, operate the various controls, avoid hazards, and prevent accidents, while providing a printable manlift operator certification upon successful completion.

We’re the #1 OSHA Compliance Training Program! OSHA manlift requirements can change as legislation and rules update – stay ahead of the OSHA learning curve with ALC! With lifetime support and outstanding customer service, we’re the only manlift training company you need!

If you’re in need of your manlift operator certification, check out the comprehensive, OSHA-compliant manlift training with OSHA manlift training and certification is important for many reasons. This is why you should call ALC today – we’ll help get your manlift certification program in place today!

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