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Manlift Certification

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All too often, manlift accidents are in the news. If you operate manlifts, or hire workers who are involved with this equipment, OSHA-compliant manlift certification increases on-the-job safety – and more critically, decreases the chance you’ll be involved in a workplace injury or fatality. (ALC) offers manlift operator training for all of your OSHA compliance requirements. With fines and penalties from OSHA a major concern for employers, our affordable, easy-to-access training is ideal for achieving and maintaining compliance.

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What is a Manlift?

Broadly speaking, a manlift is any equipment used to elevate workers. Aerial lifts, boom lifts, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are all considered manlifts. Other specialized equipment like Genie Lifts (one-person, portable lifts) are also considered manlifts.

Since there are so many different types of manlifts, any worker using this equipment needs to have thorough training which meets all OSHA manlift requirements. One day, you could be using a Genie Lift, aerial lift (boom lift), and scissor lift – all within an 8-hour window! Manlift training from will help anyone learn the crucial safety skills & knowledge required to become a better worker.

Our manlift certification courses packages – we have our Train a TrainerTraining Kit and the popular Bundle Package available for anyone that needs manlift training – cover all the latest OSHA manlift requirements, so you’ll know exactly what to do…regardless of the type of manlift you’re using at any given time!

OSHA Manlift Certification

Manlifts are covered under OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1431, which includes all equipment for hoisting workers to any elevation. Scissor lifts fall under these guidelines, along with aerial lifts. These two lifts are the most widely used manlifts, but others exist. Knowing how to safety use manlifts is required by OSHA for any worker in the United States.

According to OSHA, a manlift is a device that consists of platforms or brackets with attached handholds, which moves vertically in one direction and is operated and supported by a system of pulleys at the top and bottom. Manlifts are not used on the ground like other types of aerial lifts, and instead, are used to transport workers from floor to floor in a building. However, like any other type of aerial lift, a manlift offers its own unique dangers, and a manlift operator certification is the most effective way for workers to avoid hazards. offers comprehensive aerial lift training that includes manlift certification to teach workers how to use manlifts safely. If you’re an employer, this information is especially important for you because it’s your duty to ensure all workers that will be using the manlift are comfortable to do so following the completion of manlift operator certification training. Don’t put off your manlift operator training – sign up with ALC today!

Deaths and Injuries on Manlifts – Why Manlift Operator Certification Makes Sense

In January of 2011, a serious accident occurred involving a 22-year-old parking lot attendant. The worker suffered serious injuries when he fell 30-feet from a manlift he was using to descend to the 5th floor of a parking garage. The typical protocol for manlift training for employees involves verbal instruction with a supervisor, followed by a video demonstrating safe operation. However, in this case, the employee only received a demonstration of how to ride a manlift followed by a ride in one with a supervisor. The worker was allowed to operate a manlift on his second day of work, despite feeling uncomfortable using the manlift. Had he received his complete manlift operator certification, he may have never fallen and been injured.

Many other examples show the importance of manlift operator training.

In August of 2012, a worker at the ConAgra Foods four mill in Alton, Illinois was killed after he fell 70 feet from a manlift. According to the coroner’s office, the worker had complained about feeling dizzy before his fatal fall. Awareness is critical for avoiding accidents and injuries in the first place. ALC’s manlift safety rules and training are taken directly from established OSHA standards. But those guidelines sometimes change – which is why our OSHA experts constantly update our training material and learning content to reflect the most up-to-date OSHA manlift certification requirements.

Manlift Safety Hazards

When a worker has not received manlift training, accidents are more likely to occur. For the accident involving the parking lot attendant, the worker was rushing to return to the main floor of the parking garage to help customers when he stepped off the manlift platform and got his shoelace stuck on the metal grate that is used for the landing surface. Employers should not instruct a new employee to operate equipment without first receiving adequate training involving a manlift operator certification.

Manlift Safety Requirements from OSHA

According to OSHA standards, a manlift is only to be used to carry personnel from floor to floor and is never to be used to carry tools and equipment. Additionally, only those who are physically and mentally capable of performing tasks should be allowed to operate a manlift; if employees are not comfortable using a manlift, they should not be told to do so, and employers need to ensure that all employees are trained in how to recognize and avoid hazards.

Get Manlift Certification with offers the most comprehensive and convenient online manlift training program you’ll find. We teach operators everything they need to know to use manlifts safely, operate the various controls, avoid hazards, and prevent accidents, while providing a printable manlift operator certification upon successful completion.

We follow the recommendations of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for our training, which includes a three-step process. Employees will work through a lecture, demonstration, and practice, in addition to an in-person visual demonstration of how the manlift works and a practice run with a supervisor that lasts until the new employee feels comfortable. Throughout the entire process, our manlift training and manlift training give your employees the info necessary to operate manlifts safely on the job!

OSHA Manlift Requirements

ALC training courses are developed by people who’ve dealt with OSHA in the past, and have tons of industry experience. We know which safety protocols you need to know – and our three different courses make learning easy and, more importantly, fun!

From any device with an internet connection and in only about one hour, employees will learn everything they need to use manlifts and be completely compliant with OSHA standards inside of our manlift certification program. As an employer, you will find that there are a lot less hazards and accidents on your worksite, and you will be able to save up to thousands of dollars in reduced injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage. In addition to learning about manlifts, workers will also learn how to operate the various types of aerial lifts, which include articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, cherry pickers, and scissor lifts.

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Get Your Manlift Certification at ALC – We’re the #1 OSHA Compliance Training Program!

For a one-time fee of $299 for the entire Training Kit, you will receive a multi-skilled workplace that is safe, productive, and able to prevent accidents from happening.

OSHA manlift requirements can change as legislation and rules update – stay ahead of the OSHA learning curve with ALC! With lifetime support and outstanding customer service, we’re the only manlift training company you need!

If you’re in need of your manlift operator certification, check out the comprehensive, OSHA-compliant manlift training with OSHA manlift safety rules are in place for a reason – many good reasons. Which is why you should call ALC today – we’ll help get your manlift certification program in place today! Call us today at (888) 278 – 8896, or click here for our full menu of manlift OSHA training courses. Thanks for considering for your manlift operator training needs. Sign up and get your manlift certification online with today!

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