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Aerial Lift Safety

Are you concerned about the latest changes to OSHA regulations? Do you want to make yourself as employable as possible, especially in today’s dynamic, ever-changing job market? For aerial lift operators interested in adhering to their company’s safety program, it’s all about getting the right training.

At Aerial Lift Certification (ALC), we specialize in aerial lift safety training. Our three training modules are used for OSHA compliance instruction every day. The ALC training lineup includes:

 Train a Trainer – the best training to create an on-site training coordinator.
• Training Kit – this popular package includes all the basics of aerial lift operation.
Bundle Package – bundle and save with this combo training module, which includes the Train a Trainer and Training Kit courses.

ALC’s training modules comprise the most comprehensive, affordable, easily accessible aerial lift safety training program available online or through independent 3rd party training consultants. Our prices offer premium value and our online testing format ensures all of your workers have all the information – and time – necessary to complete their critical aerial lift safety program instruction.

Aerial Lift Safety Tips

Here are a few common sense aerial lift safety techniques to pay attention to:

Watch overhead hazards. From power lines to tree branches, aerial lift operators need to keep tabs on all sorts of overhead dangers. These are some of the most common hazards encountered by AWP operators, and is key to maintaining compliance with aerial lift safety training requirements.
Have fall protection equipment ready. OSHA regulations stress the personal safety for every aerial lift operator. Depending on federal, state and local safety regulations, you may be required to wear a fall protection harness. ALC’s aerial lift safety courses provide in-depth instruction about this important aspect safe, efficient aerial lift operation.
Mind the max capacity loads. Every aerial lift has a maximum operating capacity, both in terms of active personnel and total weight. Exceeding these recommendations could cause accidents, falls and injuries.
Pay attention to work zone inspections. These include slopes, ditches, ceiling heights, seasonal climate considerations, terrain challenges, and more.

According to the OSHA Aerial Lift Fact Sheet, aerial lift safety starts with proper hazard recognition, first and foremost. Other important elements of aerial lift safety requirements include pre-operation inspections, overhead protection, stability, fall protection considerations, and much more.

If you’re unsure about certain aerial lift safety training protocols, it’s always a good idea to double-check the following OSHA standards:

29 CFR 1910.67
29 CFR 1910.269(p)
29 CFR 1926.21
29 CFR 1926.453
29 CFR 1926.502

Here’s one thing to keep in mind about OSHA’s aerial lift safety requirements – they’re updated frequently. Does your company’s safety supervisor know which legislative changes will impact your working environment? With ALC’s Train a Trainer program, you’ll enjoy a direct link to OSHA-approved training and instruction.

Along with our Training Kit and Bundle Package, ALC offers the most comprehensive aerial lift safety training instruction available anywhere. Plus, all of our OSHA aerial lift safety courses are very affordable. And with lifetime support, convenient online learning access, and a host of other benefits, ALC is simply your best option for complete aerial lift safety requirements.

With ALC, we leverage our OSHA expertise and pass these skills and considerable knowledge onto you and your company. That’s just one of the many advantages you’ll enjoy with ALC!

Aside from these tips, it’s also a good idea to keep up-to-date with OSHA guidelines. ALC’s training already does this but if you want a brief refresher, we recommend OSHA’s Aerial Lift Fact Sheet along with their online library of aerial lift safety tips.

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