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JLG Aerial Lift Training

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JLG Industries, Inc. is one of the most popular aerial work platform (AWP) manufacturers in the world. Based in McConnellsburg, PA, JLG features a reliable, high-performance fleet of scissor

lifts, telehandlers and towable boom lifts. JLG’s equipment represents a significant market share of the construction, maintenance, repair, and manufacturing industries – just to name a few. If you’re not sure your knowledge of JLG lifts is current, a thorough training review can help get you up to speed.

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Need JLG Lift Certification? ALC is Here to Help!

Aerial Lift Certification offers comprehensive OSHA training for all kinds of widely-used aerial lifts and scissor lifts, including those manufactured by Genie, Snorkel and other companies. We proudly offer courses that provide detailed instruction for lifts made by JLG.

JLG training is important for both employees and employers since OSHA compliance is mandatory for all aerial lift and scissor lift operators in the U.S. offers a complete range of JLG training courses to help with all of your OSHA training needs!

Why Get JLG Aerial Lift Training?

If you’re an aerial lift operator, getting JLG lift training is essential for a variety of reasons:

JLG lift certification

Your employers are responsible for JLG lift certification, which means you’ll operate all JLG machinery more efficiently – and much safer – than you otherwise would. In the event of an OSHA audit, you and your employer are covered with!


A well-trained JLG lift operator is simply a better JLG lift operator. With JLG lift certification from, you’ll have all the latest OSHA training. Our JLG training makes your entire workplace safer!

Job flexibility

The more you know, the better. It’s true in every field, including aerial lift operations and AWP work. JLG aerial lift training ensures you have a well-rounded job profile, which could lead to important, well-paying assignments. With JLG lift training from, you’ll have an advantage over your co-workers, and other job applicants.

If you’re an employer, JLG training is essential for all of your employees. OSHA requires aerial lift training for all employees, and our modules will get your entire workforce OSHA compliant in no time!

Not many companies that use JLG aerial lifts can handle training and certification. specializes in JLG certification, and our prices fit any budget!

If you’ve delayed  JLG lift certification previously, don’t wait any longer – contact today.

What Types of Jobs are Available with JLG Aerial Lift Training?

Once you receive JLG training and lift certification from, a whole world of job possibilities opens up. Here are just some professions available to those with JLG aerial lift training:

• Airplane maintenance
• Heavy equipment rigging
• High-rise window crew
• Construction work (electrical, mechanical, etc.)
• Facilities repair & maintenance (including stadiums and other large venues)
• Large equipment assembler
• And more

JLG Aerial Lift Training – Get OSHA Compliant with ALC

With such a wide-ranging assortment of aerial lifts and other AWPs, JLG equipment is used all over the globe. If you’re up to speed with the latest JLG aerial lift safety training, that’s great news for your own career outlook. Our JLG lift training covers all sorts of safety concepts, OSHA regulations, proper operating techniques, and much more.

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Enjoy the Benefits of JLG Lift Certification – Call ALC Today! covers all different JLG AWPs, different aspects of JLG aerial lift training, JLG boom lift operating instructions, and other OSHA training content to give you the best possible JLG lift training. Once complete, you’re qualified to operate JLG aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and other AWPs for any company in the United States.

Our JLG lift training courses include three different modules:

✓ Train a Trainer – this training course explains JLG lift training and JLG AWP operation from an OSHA safety expert’s point of view. It’s ideal for employees looking to become their company’s main OSHA training source.

✓ Training Kit – includes JLG AWP training, JLG lift instruction, regular JLG training, and other key OSHA compliance instruction. This program is very popular with both employees and employers interested in JLG aerial lift training. If your company needs JLG lift training, look no further than the Training Kit.

✓ Bundle Package – If you can’t decide between our two JLG lift training courses, the Bundle Package is for you. You’ll get the Train a Trainer and Training Kit courses, along with JLG AWP training, JLG lift training, and more. This is one of our most popular JLG training packages.

Take the next step with your JLF aerial lift training today. ALC’s rapid, responsive training methods will have you OSHA certified in no time, ready to operate vintage and late-model JLG scissor lifts, aerial lifts and telehandlers. Get started today!

If you have any questions about our JLG aerial lift training programs, give us a call at 888.278.8896. We’ll help with all of your OSHA aerial lift and scissor lift training needs!

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