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Meet OSHA Requirements by Training Your Staff

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As the owner of a construction company or equipment fleet, you have the responsibility to ensure that your employees are knowledgeable in operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts, and are certified in the proper techniques approved by OSHA. Neglecting certification can lead to expensive OSHA fines, as well as deadly consequences.

 What is OSHA?

This term stands for Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and it is an agency of the United States Department of Labor that creates rules and regulations to improve safety in the workplace by enforcing standards and by providing education and certification to employees in many industries. OSHA requires employees using sophisticated equipment like aerial lifts to undergo training approved by them to ensure employees don’t injure themselves due to ignorance of relevant instruction, or harm others on the work site. Injuries common with those operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts include falling from high levels, being hit by falling objects, hitting ceilings and objects, electrical shocks, entanglement with machinery, and more.

All of these hazards can lead to severe injury or death, and to best prevent them from happening, employees need to complete education with the modules, activities, and practices approved by OSHA as adequate training for aerial lift and scissor lift use.

 Employers Will Get Punished if Their Employees Are Not Certified And OSHA Compliant

It is essential for the safety of your employees to obtain certification in aerial lift and scissor lift operation; if they don’t, they may suffer from injuries, but the employer’s punishment will be hefty fines issued by OSHA. Costs can range from about $500 for uneducated employees and into the $1000 range for injuries, such as from falls.

 Avoid Injuries And Fines With The Proper Training

Getting the training for your employees to train them in how to properly and safely operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts, as well as getting them OSHA certified, can make all the difference to the success of your business. Benefits include the safety of your employees and an increase in employee retention due to the high level of security and comfort given to workers. offers training that can be completed in about one hour online in the comfort of home or during a lunch hour at work and accomplishes all standards and requirements set forth by OSHA. The training kit is affordable and includes an interactive DVD that provides easy-to-understand information and exercises through guided learning either with a group of employees or taken as self-paced.

Don’t waste a moment before getting your employees certified in OSHA-compliant training, and make sure you aren’t responsible for any employee injuries or for paying costly fines. Sign your employees up today!

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