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How to Inspect a Boom Lift

Boom lifts, aka aerial lifts, are large pieces of equipment used for various tasks on construction sites, in window washing and painting services, sign work, cherry-picking, tree work, and more. Being such large and heavy machinery, boom lifts are high read more

Aerial Lift Safety for Windy Days

In the fall of 2010, a student employee of Notre Dame University was in charge of filming the school’s football practices from a scissor lift. On one particularly windy day, the untrained worker was told to climb up on the read more

How to Inspect Your Aerial Lift Before Operation

There are many hazards associated with aerial lifts, and there is an average of 26 aerial lift-related deaths that occur every year. While there are various causes of these deaths, including tip overs, electrocutions and being crushed, a common thread read more

The Different Uses for Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts

Truck-mounted aerial lifts are typically used for residential and commercial electrical jobs, that include repairing electrical lines and building high-voltage transmission lines that stretch for miles. But truck-mounted aerial lifts are versatile machines and can be used safely and efficiently read more

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