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Why You Should Get an Aerial Lift Certification

Is your lack of work credentials holding you back? They could be; employers would much rather hire a qualified job candidate, and not just for the obvious reasons. Sure, the worker with the latest training is probably more efficient at the job. But they’re probably much safer, too. And with huge OSHA fines for companies that violate safety policies and practices, companies don’t need the financial and legal headaches that accompany unsafe workers. how to get aerial lift certification

Look at the issue another way. Who would you trust to fix your cavities? A dentist who has a so-so reputation, or the dentist with all the latest credentials and tons of good publicity?

Industrial employers are no different, in this key regard: certifications matter. Without an aerial lift certification, you are limiting your job possibilities.

Why should you consider getting an aerial lift certification? Let’s look at 3 key points – and then you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it!

  • Aerial lift workers generally earn more than other equipment operators. With the risk comes greater reward. Since aerial work platform (AWP) personnel are by definition working in more hazardous conditions, the pay is better than many other industrial jobs.
  • You’re investing in yourself. Knowledge is power. We’ve all heard the saying. And while you may get tired of hearing the phrase, it’s still true! Show those potential employers how serious you are about advancing your job outlook.
  • It’s inexpensive and easy to obtain. All that’s required on your part is a small financial commitment and the willingness to do the coursework. Sounds simple, but how many people actually get it done?

Those are just 3 factors – and this is only scratching the surface. From the overall sense of accomplishment to the decreased likelihood you’ll be involved in an accident, getting your official aerial lift training makes total sense.

Let’s get you going today. Aerial Lift Certification, the premier online AWP and boom lift trainer, offers a flexible & affordable lineup of great training courses you can tackle in your spare time.

We offer a Training Kit, a Bundle Package and the value-added Train a Trainer course to fit your needs. OSHA compliance doesn’t have to cost a fortune – and it doesn’t have to take forever. With ALC, you’ll be on your way before you know it.

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