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How Do Workers Access Giant Wind Turbines? With Huge Aerial Lifts!

Are you afraid of heights? If that doesn’t scare you, how about repairing giant blades? Do strong gusts of wind over 300 feet in the air (literally) shake you to your core? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you probably won’t want to work with Palfinger’s newest model of aerial lift. cherry picker

The new lift is designed to hoist workers up to a height of 330 feet, which is a standard elevation for large wind turbines. Wind farms have been sprouting up everywhere, and Palfinger, an Austrian manufacturer of lifts and other industrial equipment, has taken advantage of this new market with their new line of aerial lifts.

Industry experts say that at least half of all wind farms need high-reach aerials for maintenance. “High reach” in this case means anything over 300 feet high.

But it’ll cost you to reach 330 feet on Palfinger’s new lift – $2.75 million, to be exact! The pricy piece of equipment also boasts a total horizontal outreach of 118 feet. The lift configures in about 15 minutes, which is actually pretty good, considering the lift’s size.

The Palfinger lift isn’t the world’s tallest aerial lift. That distinction belongs to the 360 foot high S-112-HLA, made by Finnish company Bronto Skylift.

The Palfinger is made to withstand wind gusts up to 28 miles per hour and can hold over 1,300 pounds. Given those characteristics, perhaps the $2.75 million price tag is a bargain!

From small scissor lifts to the giant Palfinger aerial work platform, you need the right training. Without training, your workers are in danger. And your business is also in jeopardy; OSHA fines and penalties can seriously impact your bottom line.

You need Aerial Lift Certification. With years of OSHA experience and industry expertise, we’re the best possible option for implementing a comprehensive aerial work safety plan. We have 3 different training modules, each designed for custom effectiveness. To learn more, visit the ALC contact page or call our aerial lift specialists at (888) 278-8896. Thanks for reading the ALC blog!

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