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Preparing for Workplace Emergencies Before They Happen

If you work on an aerial lift, there’s a chance you’ll encounter an on-the-job emergency. In fact, you may have already dealt with one or more. Emergencies can be scary. Stressful. Confusing. Exhausting. But despite the frantic events that accompany read more

Safety Tips for Utility Line Workers

Utility line work is dangerous. Each year, workers suffer serious injuries and even death in accidents where overhead power lines are involved. The two leading causes are falls and electrical shocks. Electrocutions occur when lifts, cranes, ladders or other equipment read more

What to Know about Purchasing a Scissor Lift

If you’re in the market for a scissor lift, the purchasing process can certainly be confusing, exciting, and anxious – especially if you’ve never been involved with buying one before.

Safety Tips for Painting at Heights on an Aerial Lift

Aerial lift workers are relied on for a near-endless array of job tasks. From heavy machinery maintenance to large-scale construction work, one thing’s for sure: without aerial lift operators and other aerial work platform (AWP) employees, many crucial jobs would read more

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