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Safety Tips for Painting at Heights on an Aerial Lift

Aerial lift workers are relied on for a near-endless array of job tasks. From heavy machinery maintenance to large-scale construction work, one thing’s for sure: without aerial lift operators and other aerial work platform (AWP) employees, many crucial jobs would read more

Aerial and Scissor Lift Outriggers

Tipping over is the main cause of injuries and deaths associated with aerial lifts. To reduce the risk of tilting, short metal legs called outriggers are attached to aerial work platforms (AWPs). The purpose of outriggers on scissor lifts and read more

Safety Tips for Using a Boom Lift on a Slope

Boom lifts and scissors lifts are two types of commonly used aerial work platforms (AWPs). A boom lift is much more versatile than a scissor lift, which can only be moved straight up and down. A boom lift’s platform is read more

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