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How Tall Was the First Aerial Lift?

For thousands of years, men used ladders of various type and sizes to get work done above the ground. But as anyone who has ever climbed a ladder knows, they aren’t the safest. They’re hard to climb when carrying tools, read more

Changes to ANSI Work Platform Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced that significant changes will be made to ANSI’s A92 safety standards. The changes affect the manufacturing, operator training and use of aerial work platforms (AWPs).

Preparing for Workplace Emergencies Before They Happen

If you work on an aerial lift, there’s a chance you’ll encounter an on-the-job emergency. In fact, you may have already dealt with one or more. Emergencies can be scary. Stressful. Confusing. Exhausting. But despite the frantic events that accompany read more

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