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Top 5 Aerial Lift Hazards

Aerial lifts are mobile, reach heights up to 180 ft., and allow workers to access elevated jobsites. They can also be risky, particularly for workers who are unfamiliar with aerial lift safety hazards. Aerial lifts include boom lifts, cherry pickers, read more

Should I Buy or Rent a Boom Lift?

So your company has decided to get a boom lift. Before you sign the purchase papers or click “buy,” there’s another alternative worth consideration: renting a boom lift. Each one has its pros and cons. And the process generates a read more

What Is the Biggest Scissor Lift in the World?

Construction employees and other industrial workers have been using aerial lifts to build tall buildings and objects for thousands of years. To better understand the use of aerial lifts over the years, let’s examine the history behind these machines. History read more

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