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man basket trainingMan baskets are used when typical scaffolding or other types of aerial lifts aren’t accessible to a certain work area. They’re usually suspended from a crane or other type of lift, and used by companies for a variety of tasks and situations, including construction, maintenance, warehousing, landscaping and more.

Man basket regulations are a critical part of OSHA’s rules and regulations for the safe and efficient use of aerial work platforms (AWPs), mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), scaffolding, scissor lifts and other types of aerial work accessories. has everything you need to ensure full compliance with the use of OSHA approved man baskets, including safe operation, how to avoid accidents, and more. ALC’s training puts YOU in control of your safety program with a full assortment of resources to give your workers 100% OSHA compliance, including:

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What is an OSHA Approved Man Basket?

Man baskets, which are also called crane cages, construction baskets or forklift baskets are aerial work platforms that elevate a worker or workers to perform various overhead job site tasks. They’re frequently used along with aerial lifts and AWPs by safety inspectors, engineering firms, public works departments and similar organizations. With so many applications, OSHA man basket regulations help establish safe use guidelines.  Here are a few of the many ways in which man baskets are used:

  • Maintenance, repairs and more for industrial equipment, large manufacturing operations and similar work
  • Indoor and outdoor construction activities
  • Window washing and equipment cleaning
  • Inspecting buildings, bridges and similar structures where close-up examinations are needed
  • Landscaping
  • Rescue operations (firefighting, rescue, more)
  • And many others

Man baskets can play a key role in safe, effective aerial lift and AWP operation. For businesses that use man baskets, they must ensure they’re using OSHA approved man baskets and comply with the latest man basket training requirements. Otherwise, these businesses can face OSHA fines and penalties. Even worse, they could expose their workers to aerial lift and AWP hazards.

OSHA has established safety guidelines and standards for operating and working from man baskets. It requires employers to provide workers with a workplace that’s safe from hazards that can injure employees. Part of OSHA man basket certification requirements is that all equipment operators, including man basket operators, are properly trained and certified. Man basket OSHA requirements are similar to safety regulations for operating other aerial work platforms (AWPs) and aerial lifts. You need to be aware of OSHA man basket regulations – and our training courses help with this and much more!

Below you’ll find out what you need to know about man baskets, and the impact OSHA regulations have on the training you’ll need for their safe operation.

How to Use a Man Basket

Unlike a true AWP or MEWP, a man basket isn’t a self-driving vehicle; rather, it’s an attachment that is affixed to a crane, aerial lift, or sometimes even a forklift to elevate people to working elevations. 

Before using a man basket, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • The equipment should be securely attached to the lifting equipment
  • All fall protection measures should be taken, including lanyards, safety fasteners, straps & more
  • Overhead hazards should be accounted for
  • Personal protective equipment standards, as defined by local jurisdictions or specific jobsites (can vary depending on locality, township, state, etc.)
  • And other safety factors

Only OSHA approved man baskets can be used on jobsites, and ALC can help your company ensure all of your man basket training and certification are taken care of!

OSHA Man Basket Certification and Operating Requirements

Subsection 1431 of OSHA section 1926 (Safety and Health Regulations for Construction) establishes the guidelines for safely operating all accessories and equipment associated with man baskets. OSHA regulations cover virtually everything having to do with safely hoisting and lowering workers and equipment to and from overhead work areas. Man basket operation and training through our OSHA-approved program will ensure you and your employees are fully compliant with all OSHA regulations and qualified to safely operate the equipment. Failure to comply with OSHA man basket rules can result in costly fines, prison time, or both.

Some of the most important man basket requirements include:

  • Load-bearing capacity of every man basket shall be clearly visible and understood by all employees before operating equipment.
  • Fall prevention requirements should be adhered to. At a minimum, man baskets should be surrounded by a guard rail.
  • Every elevated work platform, including man baskets, should be safety tested before each and every job. Failure to do so could result in severe injuries or death.
  • Ensure a man basket’s all-access gates open inward and have safety latches.
  • All workers who use a man basket should have complete, up-to-date man basket safety training. There are no exceptions to this rule.

As an employer, you’re responsible for this training. And ALC will guide you the entire way with accessible, affordable, OSHA compliant safety training for all your cherry pickers, AWPs, MEWPs, man baskets, and other elevated work platforms.

Man baskets are specifically designed to elevate and protect workers in a variety of jobsite situations and working conditions. Following OSHA man basket requirements is ideal for both employees and employers. Some of the benefits for employers include:

You can avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities

Man baskets help workers stay safe. At the same time, they reduce the risk of workplace accidents that can damage a company’s brand reputation and result in fines and penalties. A full understanding of current OSHA regulations is important for man basket safety. For example, well-trained workers will know that, in accordance with OSHA requirement 1926.1431(d)(3), a man basket “must not exceed 50 percent of the rated capacity for the radius and configuration of the equipment.” In practical terms for most man baskets, cherry pickers and other aerial lifts, this means that two workers maximum should occupy the elevated platform.

You can improve on-the-job productivity and efficiency

Man baskets help foster a safe work environment. Workers can feel good about the fact that their employer is doing its part to provide man baskets, so they can remain safe. Meanwhile, workers can complete tasks in man baskets, without putting themselves or others in danger.

You can foster communication and collaboration about workplace safety

Man baskets represent one of many workplace safety topics that can be discussed by an employer and its staff. When your employees are up to speed with man basket training and man basket certification, they’re able to identify hazards and ask important questions related to man basket regulations, which fosters a positive, forward-thinking, innovative safety culture for everyone involved! Better communication helps with everything from understanding the most common OSHA safety violations to organizing your warehouse better, and much more!

For employees, our OSHA man basket requirements and associated training help with:

  • On-the-Job safety (it’s the most important, so we listed it first!)
  • Career mobility
  • Confidence and competence for all kinds of OSHA man basket regulations
  • Top-level knowledge that comes with our OSHA man basket requirements and training

In the hands of an unskilled operator, aerial lifts are dangerous equipment. With ALC’s training and expertise on OSHA man basket rules, your company is completely covered – and totally compliant – in case of an accident or injury while operating an aerial lift.

Man Basket Training with ALC

An important part of man basket OSHA requirements is protection against falling.

Man baskets can protect workers against falls from aerial lifts and AWPs. Other personal protective equipment (PPE) is also required to safeguard these workers against falls. This fall protection PPE includes:

  • Body belt with a tether anchored to a boom or basket (fall restraint)
  • Body harness with a tether (fall restraint)
  • Body harness with a lanyard (fall arrest)

It often helps to incorporate fall protection into an aerial lift or AWP safety checklist. Workers can use the checklist to identify any fall protection hazards before they use an aerial lift or AWP. If any hazards are identified, they must be addressed before work gets underway. What’s more, a common-sense, easy to follow maintenance schedule will help identify safety issues that could jeopardize fall protection techniques. Many people think regular maintenance is all about ensuring the equipment runs as it should, but maintenance is also a critical element of OSHA man basket regulations.

Employers must provide any worker who uses an aerial lift or AWP with appropriate training as well. They must ensure aerial lift and AWP workers know the ins and outs of fall protection. That way, these workers can consistently take the necessary precautions to guard against falls.

Ensure Full OSHA Compliance with ALC’s Man Basket Training

To avoid fines, employers need to have all necessary safety equipment in place to prevent injuries from falls. offers the most comprehensive OSHA man basket safety training available anywhere.

Get started today and stay compliant with man basket OSHA requirements by signing up for our man basket training! Our Train a Trainer, Training Kit, and Bundle Package programs provide everything you need to know about operating aerial lifts and man baskets, along with compliant OSHA man basket regulations awareness. For more information about our man basket safety training and OSHA man basket requirements, call us at (888) 278-8896 or drop us a line through our contact page.