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OSHA Man Basket Regulations and Requirements

man basket regulations

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or “OSHA”, has established safety guidelines and standards for operating and working from man baskets. OSHA requires employers to provide workers with a workplace that’s safe from hazards that can injure employees. Part of OSHA man basket requirements is that all equipment operators, including man basket operators are properly trained and certified. Man basket OSHA requirements are similar to safety regulations for operating other aerial work platforms (AWPs) and aerial lifts. has the tools, expertise and resources to help you fully comply with OSHA requirements, as well as how to safely operate a man basket. Since man basket regulations are one of the most important OSHA safety guidelines, it helps to have a trusted training partner to get  your workers compliant., the leader in online man basket regulations training, provides everything you need to be up to speed with OSHA man basket rules:

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• Free renewal training
• And much more

Don’t settle for expensive 3rd party training, or confusing man basket regulations instruction from a so-called safety expert. is the preferred training provider for companies throughout the U.S., and we’re ready to assist with your man basket regulations and certification today! Sign up now!

Below you’ll find out what you need to know about man baskets, and the impact OSHA regulations have on the training you’ll need for their safe operation.

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Definition of a Man Basket

Man baskets, which are also called crane cages, construction baskets or forklift baskets are aerial work platforms that elevate a worker or workers to perform various overhead job site tasks. They’re frequently used along with aerial lifts and AWPs by safety inspectors, engineering firms, public works departments and similar organizations Here are a few of the many ways in which man baskets are used:

• Maintaining, repairing and cleaning aircraft and other large pieces of machinery and equipment
• Indoor and outdoor construction activities
• Window washing and equipment cleaning
• Inspecting buildings, bridges and similar structures where close-up examinations are needed
• Inventory stocking and retrieval in high-ceiling warehouses and storage facilities
• Replacing overhead lighting
• Working on telephone and electrical lines
• Changing outdoor billboard advertising

OSHA Man Basket Operating Safety and Training Requirements

Subsection 1431 of OSHA section 1926 (Safety and Health Regulations for Construction)  establishes the guidelines for safely operating all accessories and equipment associated with man baskets. OSHA regulations cover virtually everything having to do with safely hoisting and lowering workers and equipment to and from overhead work areas.  Man basket operation and training through our OSHA-approved program will ensure you and your employees are fully compliant with all OSHA regulations and qualified to safely operate the equipment. Failure to comply with OSHA man basket rules can result in costly fines, prison time, or both.

Man baskets are specifically designed to elevate and protect workers in a variety of job site situations and working conditions. The man basket OSHA requirements provide detailed guidelines and regulations for:

• Safely attaching and rigging man basket harnesses and lanyards
• Basket load capacities
• Equipment standards
• Worker and operator safety

In the hand of an unskilled operator, aerial lifts are dangerous equipment. With our training and expertise on OSHA man basket rules, your company is completely covered – and totally compliant – in case of an accident or injury while operating an aerial lift.

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Aerial Lift Fall Protection Training with ALC 

An important part of man basket OSHA requirements is protection against falling. To avoid fines, employers need to have all necessary safety equipment in place to prevent injuries from falls. offers the most comprehensive OSHA man basket safety training available anywhere. Here are some of the ways our training benefits both employers and employees:

• OSHA regulations stipulate that construction firms and other enterprises that use man baskets are ultimately responsible for employee safety training. will help you comply with OSHA-approved training and operator awareness requirements.
• Our man basket operator training will make your place of business a safer place to work
• If you’re an aerial lift operator or typically work in a man basket, training will help keep you safer on the job. It will also help advance your career, since a properly trained and certified man basket worker is far more attractive to employers than untrained job applicants.

Aerial Lift Certification’s OSHA-approved man basket operator training is fast, convenient and affordable. The training can be taken either in-house or 24/7 anywhere an Internet connection is available, and can be completed in as little as an hour.

Get started today and stay compliant with man basket OSHA requirements by signing up for our man basket training! Our Train a Trainer, Training Kit, and Bundle Package programs provide everything you need to know about operating aerial lifts and man baskets. For more information about our man basket safety training, call us at (888) 278– 8896 or drop us a line through our contact page.

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