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OSHA Man Basket Requirements

ALC man basketThe U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) provides safety guidelines and standards for all aspects related to man basket safety requirements. What is a man basket, and how do OSHA regulations impact safety training? OSHA man basket requirements are an important part of workplace safety, and Aerial Lift Certification has the tools and resources to help you become fully compliant with man basket operation.

OSHA man basket requirements are closely related to regulations regarding aerial work platforms (AWPs) and aerial lifts.

What is a Man Basket?

A man basket is any cage or aerial work platform that is elevated to perform on-the-job tasks. A man basket can be used in many different fields and industrial applications:

Maintenance – man baskets are widely used for aircraft and large machinery maintenance.
Construction – for indoor and outdoor work areas, man baskets are used for a variety of situations.
Cleaning – window cleaning and equipment cleaning jobs utilize man baskets on a daily basis.
Warehouse and cargo applications – when personnel are required to inspect or access elevated cargo and other materials, man baskets are useful.
Inspection – small bridges, buildings, and other structures sometimes need a close visual inspection. Man baskets are used in conjunction with aerial lifts and AWPs by engineering firms, public works departments, and other organizations.

OSHA Man Basket Requirements & Man Basket Safety Requirements Training

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1431 sets the appropriate guidelines for all equipment associated with a man basket. This includes everything related with “hoisting personnel,” not just equipment and tools. Since a man basket is specifically designed to elevate and protect workers in a variety of job situations and circumstances, OSHA man basket safety requirements provide detailed guidelines and safety considerations for:

Attachment and rigging
Load capacity
Equipment criteria
Personnel safety
And many more

Since man baskets are, by definition, “elevated equipment,” there are certain hazards and dangers associated with their use. But thanks to Aerial Lift Certification, all relevant OSHA-compliant safety training can help both employers and employees minimize risk, increase efficiency, and avoid costly fines and penalties associated with improper man basket use.

Aerial Lift Fall Protection Training with ALC

A critical OSHA man basket requirement involves fall protection training. Employers need to have the equipment, resources, and training in place to prevent falls and other injuries related to aerial lift and man basket operation.

ALC offers the most comprehensive and complete OSHA man basket requirements training you’ll find anywhere. The advantages of our training benefit both employers and employees:

For companies, construction firms, and other enterprises interested in man basket safety requirements, OSHA regulations stipulate that you are ultimately responsible for employee safety training. ALC can help you establish OSHA-compliant training and awareness.

If you’re an aerial lift operator or typically work in a man basket, getting the most up-to-date OSHA training not only keep you safer on the job – it also helps with your overall career prospects. After all, a well-trained man basket worker is a more attractive candidate to employers everywhere!

Get started today with our OSHA man basket requirements training! Our Train a Trainer, Training Kit, and Bundle Package provide a wealth of knowledge about aerial lifts and man baskets. If you’d like more information about our man basket safety requirements, give us a call at (888) 278 – 8896, or visit our contact page to drop us a line.

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